Enrichment Classes

An array of challenging and fun enrichment classes are available to enrolled children. These classes offer more opportunities to explore a particular interest, and are a great opportunity to expand your child’s preschool experience.

All classes are run by either our own teaching staff or experienced instructors from the community. Spaces are limited, so sign-up early.

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Amazing Athletes

Provides a unique and fun-filled sports program that incorporates physical fitness, muscle tone and gross motor skills while learning and playing baseball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, hockey, football, lacrosse, golf and tennis. Fun, confidence-building, teamwork and sportsmanship are all objectives of this action-packed program.

Flip Flip Hooray!

Supports motor skill development with a clear emphasis on the joy of movement for children. Additionally, it focuses on whole body exercise, including development in strength, flexibility and coordination, while promoting healthy choices and self-confidence. Classes are structured, but not rigid, so that children can channel their physical energy while learning to socialize with other students in a safe, fun environment.

Green Thumbkins (Gardening)

This gardening class introduces children to basic gardening skills by managing the school’s flower and vegetable garden. Children will learn the importance of maintaining their surrounding natural environment, as well as the tools needed to become successful gardeners of their own. They will be taught environmental stewardship, science education and enhance their personal growth/social skills, discuss nutrition and health, as well as implement practical living skills in a fun and cooperative environment.

Little Rockstars!

Now included for all children ages two and up! Little Rockstars Introduces children to many different instruments, from chimes to a trumpet. Additionally, the program provides opportunities for hands-on learning experiences with an assortment of rhythm instruments. Children will also discover music notes, learning the names and rhythms of each instrument. You can see Mr. Aaron (teacher/owner) featured on Nick, Jr.

Science Explorers

Develop your child’s interest in science with this hands-on, interactive class! Each week children will conduct a different science experiment. The instructor will introduce children to the scientific method by making predictions, analyzing and recording their results. Topics to be explored include the senses, simple chemistry, force and motion, magnetism and weather. Children will develop skills such as communicating ideas, observing, measuring, predicting and classifying.

Viva Español! (Spanish)

Designed to introduce children to basic words, colors, numbers 1-20, animal names and greetings. The program offers a basic foundation of the Spanish language while accommodating returning students with more challenging concepts. A variety of media such as songs, flash cards, literature and visual aids further enhances this program.

Webby Dance

Provides age-appropriate instruction in tap dance, pre-ballet, creative movement and tumbling. Children are taught various dance techniques while using fun props like maracas, pom-poms, and tambourines. With over 200 dances in the curriculum, children are regularly introduced to new and exciting routines, and they get to present these routines at semi-annual dance recitals!

Yoga Buddies

During Yoga Buddies children will unwind and discover their inner-selves. Children will learn breathing techniques, stretching, basic yoga poses and meditation methods. The class will focus on and enhance balance and body strengthening. The instructor will incorporate yoga techniques into storytelling and poetry, as well as introduce children to various types of instrumental music. Yoga has many personal benefits such as reducing stress, increasing focus, fostering the development of empathy, calming the mind and body and supporting overall well-being. Once children learn yoga breathing techniques they will be able to utilize this skill in all areas of their lives.