Enrichment | Turtle Rock Preschool | Infant, Preschool and Kindergarten Child Care in Irvine

Enrichment Classes

An array of challenging and fun enrichment classes are available to enrolled children. These classes offer more opportunities to explore a particular interest, and are a great opportunity to expand your child’s preschool experience.

All classes are run by experienced instructors from the community. Spaces are limited, so sign-up early.

Amazing Athletes

Provides a unique and fun-filled sports program that incorporates physical fitness, muscle tone and gross motor skills while learning and playing baseball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, hockey, football, lacrosse, golf and tennis. Fun, confidence-building, teamwork and sportsmanship are all objectives of this action-packed program.

Flip Flip Hooray!

Supports motor skill development with a clear emphasis on the joy of movement for children. Additionally, it focuses on whole body exercise, including development in strength, flexibility and coordination, while promoting healthy choices and self-confidence. Classes are structured, but not rigid, so that children can channel their physical energy while learning to socialize with other students in a safe, fun environment.

Little Rockstars!

Now included for all children ages two and up! Little Rockstars Introduces children to many different instruments, from chimes to a trumpet. Additionally, the program provides opportunities for hands-on learning experiences with an assortment of rhythm instruments. Children will also discover music notes, learning the names and rhythms of each instrument. You can see Mr. Aaron (teacher/owner) featured on Nick, Jr.

Webby Dance

Provides age-appropriate instruction in tap dance, pre-ballet, creative movement and tumbling. Children are taught various dance techniques while using fun props like maracas, pom-poms, and tambourines. With over 200 dances in the curriculum, children are regularly introduced to new and exciting routines, and they get to present these routines at semi-annual dance recitals!