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Welcome to Turtle Rock

A school with a true heart and soul. Our programs incorporate dynamic classroom instruction with caring, qualified teachers and enriching indoor and outdoor play experiences. We know that these first experiences within a school setting will have a long lasting impact on children’s future learning.



We embrace a philosophy of education that combines a nurturing, inclusive learning environment with an increasingly challenging academic program that addresses the developmental needs of each child.

In addition to academics – social and emotional well-being also plays a significant role in a child’s development. Our curriculum, various activities, and daily experiences provide children with opportunities for a fun, enriching and exciting time while they make long lasting relationships. We create a positive environment which encourages children to explore their surroundings on a daily basis. Upon completion of our program, we believe that your child’s well-rounded experiences will provide them the necessary strengths for emotional, social, cognitive, gross/fine motor, and academic excellence.

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Quick Facts


    Irvine, California




    Independent, secular, year-round early childhood day school

  • AGES

    8 weeks old thru Kindergarten


    1 staff : 6 children


    7:30 am to 5:30 pm







A History of Excellence

For over 35 years Turtle Rock Preschool has started children off on a lifetime of learning in a nurturing educational environment where each child feels happy, respected, proud, secure and loved. Ours was the first school in Irvine to attain elite accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Since then we have maintained continuous accreditation by meeting all ten Early Childhood Program Standards – with over 400 individual criteria.

This history has culminated in an organization that provides children and families the individual attention they need while providing world-class resources and an extensive scope of early childhood programs. Turtle Rock provides an experience that few schools can match: from our Preschool children corresponding with President Obama to providing state-of-the-art learning facilities for our Kindergarteners to offering multiple community-wide events each year.


Turtle Rock’s commitment to diversity is integral to the mission of the school. The different perspectives and experiences of our families define the fabric of our community. These many perspectives and experiences contribute to the growth of each child and help form their vision of the world.

The vibrancy and vitality we feel at Turtle Rock comes from the people who are here. At its root are the varied interests and experiences, the different backgrounds, cultures, religions, views, and perspectives that our children, staff and families bring to the school. Each of us adds to the richness of another’s experience. Working, learning and playing together teaches us lifelong lessons about appreciating each other, about knowing and understanding each other, about learning from each other.